How to set Themes?

On the Coming Soon Booster’s Navigation Panel, select Themes .

Once you click on “Themes”, you will be redirected to the following page as mentioned below.

From the above mentioned page, you can select a theme for your page. Coming Soon Booster provides you with six beautiful ready-made themes that you can use for your site. It will help you in saving your efforts and time.

You can also select a theme and customize it according to your requirement such as remove the countdown timer or change colors etc.

To select a theme, you would need to click on “Activate” button located at the bottom of each theme. After selecting a theme, you can also preview it from the “Live Preview” button.

You can also add your own custom styled theme by clicking on “Add Custom Style”.

Once you have activated the theme, you can customize it or simply use it with the default settings.